i-con Ⅲ infomation

The i-CONⅢ is a complete stand alone fuel injection controller unit.(computer not required).

It works in sequence with the stock ECU compensating for changes in air flow due to intake/exhaust modification that require adjustments to the original fuelmap.

Based on stored fuel map settings, input signals generated by the air intake pressure sensor and throttle position sensor are processed by the built-in CPU producing a modified air intake signal.

the new signal is ted to the stock ECU directing the fuel injector(s) to generate the ideal fuel output.

In doing so, maximum engine performance, enhanced throttle response, and improved drivability are achived.

i-CON mini infomation

The “i-con mini” is designed for motorcycles with less than 125cc displacement.

Due to fewer sensors in the computer, this class requires less data than the 250cc class.

“i-con mini” is adjusted by using only 1 dial. (12 levels adjustment)


i-CONⅢ+i-CON mini=Performance-kit

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